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Becoming A Cosmetologist

Have you ever thought of becoming a Cosmetologist? The Cosmetology field is a rewarding choice for a career. Not everyone has the skills it takes to excel in this field. A friendly personality combined with intelligence & a capacity to learn & try new things is prerequisite to this vocation. (read more)


Tips To Prepare For Cosmetology School

To get the most out of your time at beauty school it is imperative that you take a few steps to prepare yourself for your new career. These steps include setting tuition payment, choosing your field of study, and future career plans. This article will outline some of the key concerns you should have before entering cosmetology school. (read more)


Tips for Manicuring Your Nails Like A Professional

Manicuring nails is beauty procedure that serves to highlight the discrepancy between an amateur and a professional. For those wishing to enter cosmetology school, or if you’re just looking for a professional look and quality, there are a few essential tips to manicuring nails that will really make the difference. (read more)


Money Saving Alternatives for Beauty Services

With manicured nails, hair styling, and skin care services skyrocketing in cost, there has to be a more cost-effective alternative to save money and still get quality beauty services. The following are some of our best suggestions for money saving techniques to avoid over-priced beauty salons. (read more)


A Refreshing Dip of Tips for Refreshing Summer Hair

Sunny summertime fun and happy healthy hair, both positive, can be one un-pretty, not so positive combination. Hair stylists can do a world of wonder for your hair from color, to cut, to fantastic and fun up-dos. Hair stylists however, can only do so much for clients and the health care of summer hair. Strong, sturdy and beautiful hair looks and feels great but they all have one thing in common; upkeep. Amazingly, an entire head of hair can hold up to 12 tons of weight. Also, healthy hair on average grows between five to six inches a year. Numbers like these can only be matched with the proper hair care during the summer. (read more)

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