2017 School Calendar and Class Schedule


Abilene Campus

January 3rd - CO
January 24th - CO
February 21st - CO
March 14th - CO
April 4th - CO
May 2nd - CO, MA
May 23rd - CO
June 13th - CO
July 11th - CO
August 1st - CO
August 22nd - CO, FA
September 19th - CO
October 10th - CO
October 31st - CO
November 28th CO
December 19th - CO

Lubbock Campus

January 17th - CO
February 7th - CO
February 28th - CO, FA
March 28th - CO
April 18th - CO
May 9th - CO, FA
June 6th - CO
June 27th - CO
July 18th - CO, FA
August 15th - CO
September 26th - CO, FA
October 24th - CO
November 14th - CO
December 12th - CO, FA

San Angelo Campus

January 10th - CO
February 7th - CO, MA
February 28th - CO, FA
March 21st - CO
April 11th - CO, MA
May 23rd - CO
June 13th - CO, MA
July 5th - CO, FA
July 25th - CO
August 15th - CO, MA
September 5th - CO, FA
September 26th - CO
October 17th - CO, FA
November 7th - CO, FA
November 28th - CO
December 19th - CO, MA

Note: Student Teacher/Instructor classes are subject to enrollment.

Classes in Cosmetology, Skin Care Services & Manicure Nails

Class Schedule:

Our Beauty School offers classes during the entire year, and any eligible person may enroll any scheduled start date that the school is in session.

Tuesday through Friday: 8:30 - 3:00 (31 hours a week)
Saturday: 8:30 - 4:00
Closed Sunday & Monday


New Year's Day - January 1, Independence Day - July 4, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve - December 24, Christmas Day - December 25 Additional Holidays TBA.

National Holidays are observed as vacation time. If a holiday falls on a day that the school is normally closed, the following day will NOT be observed as a holiday. A special holiday may be declared for special or emergency reasons. Emergency closures of the school facility will be posted on our homepage and broadcast on KLST (television station in San Angelo) KTAB,KTXS (Abilene) or KIXY and KGKL (radio stations in San Angelo) on the day before and up to 8:00 a.m. on the day of closing.

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