Becoming a Cosmetologist


Becoming a Cosmetologist

Have you ever thought of becoming a Cosmetologist? The Cosmetology field is a rewarding choice for a career. Not everyone has the skills it takes to excel in this field. A friendly personality combined with intelligence & a capacity to learn & try new things is prerequisite to this vocation.

The first step to becoming a Cosmetologist is going to beauty school. There are many cosmetology schools to choose from. Do your research & find the best vocational school for your needs. There are many things you should consider, proximity to your home, available courses, financial affordability etc. You may want to find a beauty school that has smaller class sizes, as this can give you the one-on-one time to really develop your skills.

Once you have found the cosmetology school that meets your criteria, schedule a visit to the school. You can check out the class sizes & see the teachers interacting with the students. Most beauty schools offer services to the public at a discounted rate. This gives their students the opportunity to practice their craft on “real” people. Schedule an appointment to have your hair done or a manicure on your nails. This way you will be able to see the students in action. Are there instructors there to guide the new hair stylists? Are they constructive in their criticism of the students? This is also an important aspect to keep in mind. No one wants to be “chewed out” in front of customers.

When you have made your decision on the school that you would like to attend, there will more than likely be an enrollment process. Enrollments may differ but for the most part you should expect that you will need to visit the school before your first day & fill out an Application. At this time you will be asked for your driver’s license & social security card (alien registration if you are not a US citizen), & a tax return from the previous year. Make sure to bring your checkbook as you will need to pay registration fees & probably the first month’s tuition as well.

It is also possible to attend cosmetology courses through a vocational program. This is often offered to high school students in their senior & junior years. If this option appeals to you, the choice of school would be limited as there is usually only one vocational school associated with each high school. This option is also less expensive since it is part time & affiliated with a public school curriculum.

Whether you choose to pursue your career part time or full time, you will need to accumulate so many hours before you go on to pass your boards. Once you fulfill these requirements you will become a licensed cosmetologist. You may then work in any salon or professional hair stylist establishment. In most states there is a different license for barbers & cosmetologists, so you will probably not be able to work in a barbershop with a cosmetology license, but you will be able to work in any salon that you choose! You can then begin your fulfilling career in the Cosmetology Industry!

If you live in the Abilene or San Angelo, TX area & you are looking for a vocational school or beauty school, contact Texas College of Cosmetology today.


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