A Refreshing Dip of Tips for Refreshing Summer Hair


A Refreshing Dip of Tips for Refreshing Summer Hair

Sunny summertime fun and happy healthy hair, both positive, can be one un-pretty, not so positive combination. Hair stylists can do a world of wonder for your hair from color, to cut, to fantastic and fun up-dos. Hair stylists however, can only do so much for clients and the health care of summer hair. Strong, sturdy and beautiful hair looks and feels great but they all have one thing in common; upkeep. Amazingly, an entire head of hair can hold up to 12 tons of weight. Also, healthy hair on average grows between five to six inches a year. Numbers like these can only be matched with the proper hair care during the summer.


Love Those Locks

Pools, beaches and soaking up the sun are sizzling-fun activities for you of course, but not so much for your hair. Aspiring hairstylists out there also take note, for informing your clients of this too can keep summertime business flowing; protect, protect, protect! Before a refreshing dip in the pool, refresh your hair with a thin coat of conditioner; the proteins in conditioner protect hair from harmful chemicals that break, discolor and dry. Washing hair after your swim with a shampoo containing an acetic acid cleanses strands and rids of chlorine. Shampooing before however, won’t do you any good:

“Strips away you protective oils, leaving hair vulnerable to drying chemicals and salts”- Celebrity Stylist Adir Abergel

Dear beachgoers and sunbathers, many, many days of moisturizing lay ahead of you. Hair products with silicone and SPF are stellar steps to stunning post-summer hair. The hefty heat waves of summer will dry out and cause baffling breakage throughout the hair; hair spray, shine products and others with silicone, will seal the hair with moisturizer. UV rays can create a dramatic discoloration to the rich red you intended on keeping; keep conditioners, light shampoos and mousse full of SPF, filled up in your cabinet. Products like these with ingredients like glycerin, gives hair the extra sun protection it needs.


Tinkering and Tangling

Put the brush down, and unplug those hair dryers. Hairstylists everywhere will tell you that taming your hair with a brush and with any heat application, especially during the summer, will only tangle your patience. Due to the excess heat, when your hair dries out it is more liable to break. Try a new look, like those pretty little pig-tail braids, or twists; dos like these will do some good by not tangling hair. Also use a detangling spray for those high temperature tangles.

Since healthy hair doesn't have significant breakage, it can reach longer lengths than damaged hair can. The world record for the longest hair growth was 23 to 26 feet on a Hindu holy man in the 1940s.-“Healthy Hair Facts” Livestrong.com


Food For Thought

Thinking about going to your friends BBQ? Don’t hesitate for your hair loves the idea! Every hairstylist will tell you that a healthy diet, will definitely promote healthy hair. Hair is basically made of keratin, a protein! Fish Fry Friday is a huge summer splash at the supermarkets, so take advantage of feeding your hair with proteins while you shop for your moisturizing conditioner. Keep hydrated as well; by drinking plenty of water, you’re helping keep your hair hydrated and enriched.

Summer is here and so is the fear for your beautiful, happy, healthy hair. But do not fear, follow these few tips and your hair will be just fine. Summer sun and heat will damage its strength and chlorine will capture its shine. Hair health for the summer months requires moisture, good care and healthy hydration; keep these in mind and the next time you go to your hairstylist for your post-season styling, they’ll ask “did you even go outside this summer?”


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